Towards medication-free animal production!



Nor-Add, Nor-Feed A/S, and its sister-company Feed-Add, Dumas ApS, develops, manufactures and markets internationally highly efficient natural additives for inclusion in animals’ feeds and soluble products for inclusion in drinking water .

The natural additives are based on highly efficient polyphenols and saponins that

  • stimulate feed intake by improving feed palatability – this can lead to improved daily weight gain
  • improve the animals’ health and productivity
  • reduce animal stress
  • improve the output quality of animal production

Nor-Add, Nor-Feed A/S’ natural additives are safe for humans to work with, safe for the animals receiving them, and they protect the environment. The additives provide cost-efficient alternatives to many traditional growth promoters and heavy metals that are known to have undesirable side-effects like the creation of antibiotic resistance.

Nor-Add, Nor-Feed A/S co-operates with veterinarians, feed-manufacturers and livestock-producers, as well as with universities and other research institutions, to ensure that customers are guaranteed a range of products that are innovative and offer well-documented benefits.

In order to ensure that every batch of the company’s products is of consistent high quality, all products are quality-controlled by external laboratories in West-European countries.

Nor-Add, Nor-Feed A/S is a Danish company, established as part of Nor-Group in 1988, located in Hvidovre, 12 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen and from Copenhagen Airport.